Ombar Vegan S’mores

Ombar Vegan S'mores

It’s that time of year! Crisp leaves, a north wind and longer nights mean that the cold weather is drawing in. And along with this change of seasons, we tend to draw in as well, craving quiet evenings with blankets, snuggles with loved ones, and warm, comforting treats. It’s the perfect time for some indulgent, old-fashioned S’mores.

We think everyone should be able to enjoy this traditional American campfire treat, so we’ve created a vegan version: Ombar Vegan S’mores!

S’mores are usually made of marshmallows toasted over a campfire, combined with a layer of melted chocolate, and all sandwiched between two biscuits. As we don’t have a campfire handy we made ours using the grill in the Ombar kitchen oven.

Using only vegan ingredients – Ombar 72% Cacao chocolate, vegan marshmallows (we used Dandies) and vegan biscuits (we used Lovemore Digestives) – these super delicious vegan treats are perfect for brightening up these cool autumn days.



S'mores Ingredients

  • 2x large 72% Cacao Ombars (140g total)
  • 1x packet of vegan marshmallows (we used Dandies)
  • 16x vegan biscuits (we used Lovemore Digestives)


  • Line a baking tray with tin foil.
  • Place 8 biscuits on the tray and place 2 marshmallows on top of each one.
  • Place the tray under the grill and wait until the marshmallows begin to brown.
  • Remove the tray and place two pieces of Ombar chocolate on top of each marshmallow-biscuit stack.
  • Place the tray back under the grill for a very short time, just until the chocolate softens.
  • Remove the tray from under the grill and place another biscuit on top of the cooked S’mores to make a sandwich.
  • Press down gently on the top biscuit and enjoy watching the lovely chocolatey marshmallow filling ooze out the sides.
  • Now for the best bit! Tuck in and enjoy yourself some S’mores!

Ombar S'mores